Programs & Classes

Grades K-3:  Smart Quilts = Shapes and Spaces     
Creative, Cultural, Recycled and Mathematically Smart . . . a warm old-fashion patchwork quilt may seem far from a luxury today . . . when in fact it is calculating and personal. Explore symmetry in quilt blocks . . . how and why materials were salvaged . . . the role it plays in social life. Guidelines for students . . . how to get started, design, and calculate shapes, sizes, and colors.

Grades 4-6: Map Making
Students will learn about maps and their historical importance.  Discovering the value of knowing where you are going, whether you are a stagecoach driver in the 1830’s or planning a visit to Cedar Point.  Map games and map making are part of the activity.

Grades 7-8: Seasonal Letter
Students will learn about the history of communication and how the seasons affected both the ability of people to send and receive letters during the mid-1800’s and the effects to their daily lives. Students will be asked to draw, paint, and write a letter about the current season at Dunham Tavern Museum, describing the weather and events of the day.

Students will tour the Museum and participate in a grade level activity in the Dunham Barn.